About me

I have been a photographer for over 20 years. I believe that having photographs and videos are like having your own personal time machine. Those collected moments are frozen in time for us to revisit over and over again allowing us to step into those moments and relive them.

My passion for photography began when i was only 11. I asked for a camera for my birthday. It was a 110 film camera. To this day I still have pictures of my friends and family from that time. My camera became my constant companion but it really grew into a passion when I was a junior researcher on 3 whale projects. the first, in the San Juan Islands, was a photo research study of Orcas.  It was there, bathed in the dim red light of the darkroom, that I realized the power of photography. Then I was in Mexico where photos were developed in darkroom tents and trucks while sleeping in tents on the beach and sleeping in hammocks chasing Humpbacks. When I went to Los Angeles, I met my mentor Robert Cavalli.  He bestowed on me the finest education in developing black and white film that I could have ever gotten from anywhere. He shared his 33 years of experience of cropping and shifting and types of paper and filters and toners and educated me on contrast and tonality and filters.

It was with Robert that I developed my own style which I like to call Crossings. For some of the time i worked with him, I had to travel 80 miles a day by train.   When I would reach the end of my journey each way, my mind would be filled with all of the people and places I had passed through, not as individual pictures but as one giant image in my mind’s eye. We began to explore ways to translate this mental canvas with its overlapping frames into real time. That is where Crossings began. (See Galleries:Fine Art) I realized that every place we travel to or through creates an image in our mind and with these images come emotion. That is what I tried to capture.

Then came the digital revolution which changed everything for a while. I never stopped doing film and now film has become a re-emerging art.

I do use digital, as well, now. My experience in the darkroom is invaluable as it translates to my abilities using the digital darkroom. The limitations that existed in the traditional setting are gone and the freedom to create is extraordinary.

With portraits, I do not believe in poses unless its a professional portrait or headshot for a certain purpose. Even with those I ask my subjects to bring music and stories with them to take them away from their camera face. I ask them to let their children pick at least one of their own outfits because I want them to remember their children as they were, not as they wanted them to be. A perfect portrait captures the inner light and when translated correctly shows the inner soul of a person. The camera doesn’t lie. It can show the beauty from without and within. (See Galleries:Portraits)

With events, I try to blend into the background as much as possible. Using long lenses and patience, I try to capture people when they are not looking when they are being themselves when they think they are alone and no one is watching. That is when the pictures have the most impact. (See Galleries:Events)

Some pictures of my life. The triumphs and the tragedies, my family, friends, and my love, David.

Photographs are time machines.